Built-in Leveler


The Visoflex built-in dock leveler is designed to facilitate loading and unloading operations, linking the warehouse to the truck body. It compensates for height differences, takes up less installation space and provides an agile and safe logistic process. Its format is designed for places that do not have much space in the maneuvering yard.

Visoflex Differentials

Built-in Dock Levelers are available with various features and options:

Smaller space for use

Both in rest and operating mode.

Easy installation

Visoflex supplies an installation kit, installation and operation manuals, with the necessary Measurements for the construction of the pit;

Rest mode

In rest mode, the platform is at the same level as the dock floor, and with folded tab, so it does not use space in the maneuvering yard;

Operating mode

The operating mode allows positive and negative angles and can be used by trucks with a level below the dock or above the dock.


Multiple Measurements

Maximum capacity

10 tons

Check out the Leveler in operation

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Cargo capacity: 02, 04, 08 and 10 tons

Width: 2000mm

Length 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000mm

Pit Measurements: Minimum height of 500mm, being able to adapt to pits already made.

Front tab: 400mm mobile with 8-degree angle and truck


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