Logistics Line

Successful distributors must keep their business moving fast and efficiently. As pioneers, industry leaders have embraced the unique benefits of our high-performance technologies. Whether it is speed, reliability or energy savings, Visoflex doors offer a number of benefits for logistics, distribution and warehousing operations.

Increased Productivity

Fast opening speeds increase traffic productivity in and out of production areas.

Lower maintenance costs

Visoflex doors are designed for high traffic environments. They require minimal operational maintenance, reducing downtime.

Lower energy costs

Fast opening and closing speeds reduce air exchange between areas. The lower the air infiltration, the lower the heating and cooling costs, which directly impacts the company's final budget.

Increase the use of Space

Many Visoflex doors offer a small profile, projecting only a few centimeters from the wall. This saves space and allows for a smaller turning radius, which increases vehicle speed.

Strengthen Safety

With opening and closing speeds of 0.5 to 1.5 meters per second, Visoflex doors keep contact between areas as little as possible.

Automatic reset in case of a crash

Visoflex's VFX301 and VFX Zip models are designed to withstand vehicle impact. Bottom bar reset technology automatically resets after a hit, without any intervention, saving time and downtime.

Recommended doors

Dock Shelter

Solution to increase sealing during loading and unloading. Visoflex Dock Shelters are made with a fire-galvanized structure (same protection as public light poles) and a mobile structure to suit the most different sizes of trucks.

Built-in Leveler

Built-in Dock Levelers feature advanced engineering, solid structure and high strength

VFX 501

The Visoflex VFX501 high-speed doors were developed for companies that need large-scale applications, agility and protection.