The applications of Visoflex doors and products can be made in Logistics, Refrigeration, Quality, Fire Protection and Machine Protection. Check each of these indications below:

Successful distributors must keep their business moving fast and efficiently. As pioneers, industry leaders have embraced the unique benefits of our high-performance technologies. Whether it is speed, reliability or energy savings, Visoflex doors offer a number of benefits for logistics, distribution and warehousing operations.

Saving energy costs is the main function of the Visoflex doors for refrigeration. With speed, insulation, and designed for high flow, fast doors are the best choice in temperature-controlled, high-flow locations.

The quality of your product passes through a Visoflex door. Ensuring the protection of your production line with isolation, speed and safety is the main function of Visoflex doors.

Always thinking about the best and most efficient protection and compartmentalization system, Visoflex offers different fire protection options.

High-speed doors are today an important part of protecting robot operators, preventing accidents and integrating the entire safety system in the main automotive industries.