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Our history

Pioneering spirit and a job well done are the hallmarks of the three generations, which make Vìsoflex Automatic Doors a success story. In over thirty years of activity, since 1974, when Roberto Eugênio opened a small factory in the shed on Rua Turiassu, in the district of Perdizes, in São Paulo, the company started manufacturing automatic doors and gates, meeting the demand of large customers, such as Construtora Chap Chap, Construtora Adolpho Lindenberg, Construtora Ferreira de Souza, Metro do Rio de Janeiro, then in the implementation phase, (among others) in addition to several residences. This was the first phase of the company’s expansion, already establishing a position with the quality of products and services.

In 1983, the second generation – who grew up on the factory floor – began to develop a new line aimed at a new market, in the second phase of expansion: the so-called industrial doors. In this sequence, the production of automatic doors with sensors begins, installed in areas with a large traffic of pedestrians, such as shopping malls, airports, commercial buildings. This was the third expansion phase of Visoflex Portas Automáticas. To develop industrial activity in a scenario of economic instability, lack of official long-term plans, plus a large mass of monetary inflation, – as occurred from the 80s to the 90s – the company expanded its international relations through partnerships and representations.

Thus, the company brought to Brazil an advanced line of products, such as dock levelers, fast doors and sectional doors. Then, it starts to develop the stage of absorbing sophisticated technologies, assuming the national vanguard in serving large multinational companies with a new line of products. The third generation of the company came into operation in the 2000s, when Visoflex Portas Automáticas achieved independence in the entire line of technologies applied to its products, maintaining its pioneering spirit also in this important achievement: 100% nationalization.

Today, the company is ready to meet the most demanding customers. It is vertical, offering individualized doors, applies technologies that allow exclusive strategic solutions with total safety. That is how Visoflex Portas Automáticas became, over the years, a true art workshop with high technology applied to its products, to offer the best quality with a human face, serving each customer as if it were the only one and always reiterating its inherent love for a job well done.