High-speed door


Designed for sanitary applications, the CLEAN line aims at meeting the increasing demand of laboratories and clean rooms.

Visoflex Differentials

VFX ZIP Clean Fast Doors are available with various features and options:


Maximum width: 4.00m
Maximum height: 4.00m
*others on demand

Opening and closing speed

Adjustable from 0.3 to 2.5 m/s.


Opaque: 1.0mm
Transparent: 1.0mm

Emergency Opening

Direct coupling to the NO BREAK motor (optional)

Zipper-type guides

Ensuring sealing and zero maintenance

Double Photoelectric Sensor

Receiver emitter for greater safety in closing.


With absolute encoder positioning control, providing full precision and control over the door leaf travel.

Communication HMI

Reducing setup time and making diagnostics easier.

Lower Seal 100%

With perfect seal on the floor.


Screwless aluminum cover with "click" fitting.

Check out VFX ZIP Clean in operation

Available colors




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  • PVC thickness: 1mm;
  • Available colors: Blue, white or gray;
  • Door leaf: No rigid profiles;
  • Application: Internal/External;
  • Wind resistance class: Class 1 EN 12424;
  • Working temperature: from 5C to 70C;
  • Roll cover: Not included, optional;
  • Engine cover: not included, optional;
  • Columns: Natural anodized aluminum, with "click" snap-on covers, without screws;
  • Column thickness: 2mm;


  • Safety photoelectric sensor on the base: Included;
  • Door leaf travel obstacle detection photoelectric sensor: Included;
  • Photocell protection degree: IP67;
  • Resuply system: Included, automatic (ZIPPER);
  • Display: Included, 700mm high;


  • Voltage: 220V, 380V or 440V/3ph/60Hz (ground+neutral);
  • Engine protection degree: IP55, high performance;
  • Motor-shaft coupling: Direct;
  • Engine control: Contactor or inverter (optional);
  • Opening speed: 1.0m/s;
  • Closing speed: 1.0m/s;
  • HMI: Internal LCD display;
  • Positioning system: Absolute Encoder;
  • Motor power: from 1.00hp to 2.00hp;
  • Control panel in high-resistance PSAI;


Catalog – VFX ZIP CLEAN PDF Download
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