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Fire Curtain Barriers certified for fire resistance. Invisible fire protection!

Visoflex Differentials

Fire Curtains are available with various features and options:

The Premium textile fire barrier for high demands and large dimensions

The cost-effective textile fire barrier with a high degree of standardization

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  • Fabric: Protex 1100 A2;
  • Installation Type: on the wall;
  • Dimensions of the metal box (width x height): 235mm x 290mm;
  • Side guides (width x depth): 160mm x 100mm;
  • Bottom edge (width x height): 44mm x 50mm;
  • Material of metallic devices: galvanized steel sheets;


  • Entire system tested through multiple trials with trial reports;
  • Entire system resistant and watertight against smoke and flames for 120 minutes;


  • Additional manual trigger included;
  • AM-U-EV control included UPS-function (uninterruptible power supply);
  • Power: 220/230VAC;
  • 24VCC voltage will be supplied by the panel;
  • Central alarm control connections possible;
  • Connections of a smoke detector possible;
  • UPS-function in case of power failure (approximately 4 minutes);
  • Closing direction: vertical;
  • Closing of the curtain by gravity (without electricity);
  • Closing speed: 0.15m/s (approximate);
  • Curtain lifts with electric motor, 220/230VCA;
  • Max wind speed: 4 km/h;
  • Ambient temperature: 5C ~ 30C;
  • Maximum ambient humidity: 80%.


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